Carole Hamburger
 Author-Illustrator of...

...Tales for All Ages and All of Life's Stages

The Star Pupil
 A Dot's Quest to Find His Place in the World...

(A tale for All Ages and All of Life's Stages)

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On college Graduation Day (2002), my younger son said, "Every one of my suite mates is going into International Banking. That's not for me. I know what I don't want to do, but I don't have a clue what I want to do." That comment got me on the road to finally being the author I had always planned to be.

Combining the themes of Oh, The Places You'll Go! and The Little Prince, THE STAR PUPIL was created! It is a tale of a dot's quest to find his special calling. After excelling in school, he heeds his parents' advice to ‘follow his heart' and to ‘always be himself' as he searches for a meaningful life. He travels the road and opens four doors (metaphorically searching the four corners of the earth) that lead to the CITY, ZOO, LIBRARY, and COUNTRY. Although each place offers exciting job opportunities such as literary work (punctuation), computers (dot-com), music (note on a staff), dance (polka-dot), etc., he realizes that the answer had been with him right from the start...hiding behind the DOOR TO HIS HEART. The ending is HUGE, and set the stage for me to end all of my books with the word... YOU!

Written with rhythm, rhyme, fantasy, and humor, THE STAR PUPIL speaks to everyone as we all strive to find our own special place in the world.

Purchase information for The Star Pupil can be downloaded on the contact page.

The Zippity-Do-Dot
The Dot Who Dared to Pick Her Knows...

(A tale of In-KNOW-Sense)

THE ZIPPITY-DO-DOT is a chapter book told in rhyme. It is the second in the Dot-Family Series and spans the life of The Star Pupil's overactive, renegade sister... from her birth through Grad-School! She's an independent, dynamo-dot... very feisty and incredibly smart. A pepper-pot dot who pursues all of her dreams and makes even her ‘wildest' one come true! The hilarious text, packed with word-play, is guaranteed to entertain, motivate, and enlighten readers (and listeners) of All Ages! It is a must for anyone who dares to dream... dreams to dare... and hopes to make their dreams come true!

Written as the sequel to The Star Pupil, together they make the ultimate Gift Set!

A CHART that is integral to this story (a rhyming list of everything one needs to KNOW to have a wonderful life) has been reformatted on the last page of the book. This chart has been printed as an 18"X 24" FULL COLOR POSTER.

Purchase information for The Zippity-Do-Dot (and POSTER) can downloaded on the contact page.

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