I am passionate about writing 
books that Entertain, Motivate,
and E
nlighten. My rhyming tales are truly for All Ages and All of Life's Stages. They deal with LIFE issues in a playful format, making them perfect Gifts for Children, Graduates, Teachers, Career Change, Retirees, New-Borns.... EVERYONE!
                                WHAT I write about...

I write whimsical tales about living a happy and fulfilling life.

The Star Pupil is about.....
 finding and Following your Passions...being true to yourself.

The Zippity-Do-Dot is about.....
 being pro-active to make your Dreams Come True.

The third book in the series  (a third child in the Dot-Family due 2012) will be about Overcoming Obstacles...celebrating unique differences ...
Triumph and Success over adversity!                     

                     WHY my books are special...

I write about universal truths of navigating LIFE woven into the imaginative world of The Dot Family. Use of rhythmic rhyme and colorful illustrations enable even the youngest child to ‘get it'. The characters' thoughts and dialogue are written in tandem with the narration, making each story flow like an animated movie. While the tales are exciting and fun, they are also terrific vehicles for inviting shared conversations about the important Life issues presented

 In addition, extensive use of enriched vocabulary and idiomatic phases provide advanced language experience for readers (and listeners) of All Ages.

I craft each word...rhyme... and rhythmic phrase....with
great care. Every illustration and background color is carefully chosen. Each tale is sequenced in a magical, yet logical way. 

And, all of my books end with a personal message to the READER...therefore they all end with the word...YOU! 

Writing is like Teaching...you have to make it Entertaining, and get the message across in a way that will be Understood and Remembered. To that end, I write with the intent that my tales will be understood by all... and Remembered Forever!

Curriculum Sheets for my books can be downloaded on the BOOK page.

                            HOW to order books and posters...

To order directly from me, go to my contact page for all information.

I will sign and inscribe all books when requested. A download on the 

contact page will provide the order form and all necessary mailing and 

inscription information.
Carole Hamburger
 Author-Illustrator of...

...Tales for All Ages and All of Life's Stages

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